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Steel Gear is a fan re-creation project. Re-imagined, and created in Unreal Engine 4. Designed from the ground up using scratch made, and professional grade assets from the Epic Games marketplace.

You are "Viper". A special agent sent north of Galzburg South Africa, to rescue a captured comrade. While on your mission, you are tasked to destroy the ultimate weapon, "The Steel Gear"!


  • 3D high definition visuals
  • Voiced Dialogue
  • Cinematic cut scenes (Now Voiced)
  • Professionally made UI, and Icons
  • Classic game play and storyline
  • Save/Load system
  • Improved player controls
  • Crouch stealth mechanic
  • Jump and dash mechanics
  • New weapons and equipment
  • New areas to explore
  • Battle all bosses from both MSX & NES versions
  • New desert Scorpion Mini-Boss!
  • Laser sight and stealth suit!
  • Interactable wildlife
  • Switch weapons with Hotkeys
  • Use key cards automatically
  • Level up to star rank 5
  • Fully functional mini map system
  • Cheat menu
  • And much more!!!!!

Re-visit Classic Boss Battles (Old Gif)


Feel The Nostalgia!

BETA v1.9.9 

Please be aware this game is currently in Early Access Beta. It is a solo developer project, and hasn't been thoroughly  tested by a development team. You may experience glitches or bugs during your play through. Please report them by joining the community. Thanks!

VIEW THE DEVLOG - See All The Latest Changes/Fixes

Known Bugs/Issues

  • Performance may be not be desirable on low end PC's

Compatible with Windows 64-bit PC's

Medium to High spec PC rigs are recommended.

Game developed and tested on

  • Intel Core i9-9900K
  • 32GB RAM
  • Windows 10
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

 Also tested and runs on my secondary PC rig

  • Intel Core i7-2600
  • 16GB RAM
  • Windows 7
  • Radeon RX 580


RAM - Minimum 4 Gb  RAM - Recommended  8 Gb

Onboard Integrated graphics are NOT recommended 

Yes we all like to cheat sometimes:) So I have included a menu that allows you to do just that. Need ammo? No problem. Need rations? I got you covered. A  cheat sheet has been included in the download. This was actually a personal addition I added to Steel Gear to help me with the development process. Have fun with it! 

Playing the game will be very similar to the original, but not exact. Some weapons and equipment have been changed completely. Also, new explorable areas have been added. It will be a whole new gaming experience, with a heavy taste of nostalgia.


THIS GAME DOES NOT HOLD YOUR HAND! If you are having problems, following a walkthrough for the NES version will get you through it . Veteran players of the original will have no issues on where to go.(You've done this before!)



This game is NOT to be distributed/sold for profit. Steel Gear is for parody/fan use only! Please visit: "Fair Use"


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Download Steel Gear directly with one mouse click!


SteelGear v1.9.9beta.7z 2 GB

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